Friday, 28 December 2012

Benedictine Reform around the World

Over Christmas, two news items have reported the "renewal of the monastic spirit" among the sons of St Benedict, that is much to be desired.

The Reform in the Trappist Abbey of Mariawald: "Putting God back at the center of the life of the monastery"

"In 2008, the sole Trappist Monastery in Germany, the Abbey of Mariawald, became the first (and, so far, the only) Trappist monastery to completely return to the pre-Conciliar liturgical books since the liturgical reforms of the 1960s. ..."

New Traditional Benedictine Cloister Founded on Sardinia

"On the Mediterranean island of Sardinia there is a new traditional cloister of eremitical Benedictines. ... Eight years ago some faithful began the traditional group under the spiritual direction of a priest of the Ecclesia Dei Community, a common life in the spirit of Benedictine Monasticism and the "Old Rite". ... After several years of living in a private home and in the midst of the world, they wish to have their own monastery.  They found a place of retreat and a piece of land which could be acquired in a remote location. ...  2012 has begun with the construction of the monastery.  The cell block is now largely complete. In 2013, the church and the cloisters will be built. ..."

We pray that God, having enabled them to begin this good work, will also enable them to complete it.

St Benedict, Patriarch of Monks, pray for us.

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