Tuesday, 15 January 2013

News - Abbey to be Resettled by Monks from Fontgambault

Regrettably, the monastery being resettled is in France, not England ... but it's getting nearer, and nearer!

French Abbey to be Resettled by Monks from Fontgambault

"The Abbey of St. Paul, belonging to the Congregation of Solemes in the 300 population village of Wisque (about 200 km West of Brussels) will be settled by monks from the traditional Abbey of Fontgambault in central France.  This was reported by the website of Wisques Abbey."

See the following link for more details:


The monastery is near St Omer. I reckon that's no more than 25 miles from Calais - which a short hop across the Channel from Dover. The Monastic Renewal is getting closer!!

Monday, 7 January 2013

More News of Monastic Renewal

From the Rorate Coeli site:

"One of the least-known major news stories of 2012 for the "world of Tradition" in the Latin Rite has been the return of the Cistercian monastery of Vyšší Brod in the Czech Republic (see also their more updated Czech website) to the traditional Cistercian Rite (as it existed prior to Vatican II)."